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The whole family group [Full Spectrum Financial] is fabulous. Steve has a super sharp mind full of great ideas. He also has a wonderful sense of humor. Jessica is a superstar and always helpful. Working with Full Spectrum has changed our lives. It provided clarity, peace of mind, and direction.

Full Spectrum and their team are always attentive to our goals and provide a clear path and timeline to accomplish these goals. They give me the individual attention to stay on track.

Drake and Amiee B. (current clients)

I feel I am cared for. The staff is very conscientious and I trust them. My funds have grown and provided my life with financial stability.

I recommend this firm to others because the staff treats each individual with care, expertise, and conscientiousness.

Carolyn A. (current client)

Quick to respond and always very detailed-very helpful.

Your team is an easy referral every time. I never hesitate to pass out your card. I know when I’m putting my name to a referral I don’t stress or worry about the job Full Spectrum will do on behalf of my client.

Matt U., Attorney, Greene Hamrick Schermer & Johnson, P.A.

I appreciate the ease and flexibility. I know that they are looking out for our best interests both financially and personally.

The people make all the difference! Steve Griffin is wonderful and Jessica is extremely helpful and an asset to their organization.

Fran C. (current client)

Personal, in depth, meticulous, extremely knowledgeable about our accounts and financial investments. Improving our financial nest-egg for our retirement. Also keeping abreast with the economy changing rules and laws to keep us informed and not worried about investments.

Bill and Jeanette G. (current clients)

Everyone in the group makes me feel like I’m the most important client they have! They go above and beyond. I have great confidence in referring them because of reliability and dedication.

Sherry E. (current client)

Personable, frequent availability. Trustworthiness and no-nonsense advice.

Jerry L. (current client)

We appreciate your professionalism and honesty. We don’t worry about our money and what it is doing as we know you do that for us. We trust you to look out for our best interest. If we have a question, we always get an answer in a timely fashion.

Jim and Pat L. (current clients)

Responsive. Trustworthy.

Mike H., Attorney, Greene Hamrick Schermer & Johnson, P.A.

Steve and Team are very patient with high maintenance people. He makes things very easy to understand. He draws great illustrations to explain things. He has christian values! The team has listened to us and given us a great peace of mind- financially.

Ted and Alyce C. (current clients)

Both Steve and Jessica are always eager to help and love the personalities.

The difference they’ve made: comfortable lifestyle we never expected.

John and Judy N. (current clients)

Professional, capable, CFP certification. Uses comprehensive analytical models for development and tracking of financial plans. Has access to supporting resources such as Eagle and NYL. Provided added confidence in development and execution of financial plan. Helps evaluate major financial decisions in context of financial plan.

Keith E. (current client)

Kelly made the whole process of managing my assets really easy. The way Kelly has allocated my funds/monies in the long run, will pay off.

Jen M. (current client)

Family owned, small, personal relationship with each client.

Less stress and worry free.

Chuck C. (current client)

When my husband passed away in 2013, I was looking for a financial advisor. Someone I highly respected, without hesitation, gave me Steve Griffin’s name. Steve is not only knowledgeable in the area of handling finances, but is a man of honesty and integrity. He is caring and wanting to do the best for you and your circumstances.

Having Steve Griffin as my financial advisor has given me peace of mind. I trust him as he always explains and discusses everything. He makes sure to meet one-on-one each year to discuss any changes or adjustments. He is quick to answer questions or concerns I might encounter any other time, as well.

Full Spectrum Financial Group wins my preference by their honesty and integrity, knowledge of their business, caring of clients, helpfulness of office staff, and friendly atmosphere of the entire group.

Clarice D. (current client)

We’ve enjoyed our time working with Kelly. She is always welcoming, relatable and professional. She stays on top of everything and we can tell she genuinely has our best interests in mind at all times.

When we first came to Full Spectrum, we had numerous accounts that were all over the place. Now our accounts are consolidated so it is much easier for us to keep track of everything. Kelly and her team are always available to answer our questions and to help us keep everything in perspective.

Vince and Lynn J. (current clients)